Global Student Program Brings 40 Youths to Glen Eyrie

Bring together about 40 Navigator students from 25 countries and what is the result? A generational impact and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

Navigator HQ in Colorado Springs has been injected with new life as students from around the globe participate in the 2015 Global Student Program (GSP). The program started in the second week of June and will end the second week of August.

Designed to develop young leaders from Navigator ministries around the world, the GSP has a strong track record of equipping young Navigators for future service and leadership in their home countries. GSP imparts biblical vision for ministry, equips them for ministry, exposes students to God’s work around the world, and connects them with senior international leaders.

“When at Glen Eyrie, they meet peers from different cultures and ministry contexts providing, in two months, a rich cultural experience that we would not ourselves have provided in their lifetime,” says Chris Amulo, a Navigator leader in Kenya. “Those from Kenya who have attended GSP since 2008 have continued to be involved in our ministry. . . . The GSP is a program that has been used by God to teach the next generation of Navigator leaders that ours is a truly ‘Worldwide Partnership’!”

During the two months in Colorado Springs, “GSPers” spend 20 hours per week in volunteer service projects at Glen Eyrie Castle, engage with other students in small-group Bible studies, attend presentations offered by international Navigator leaders, and take time to improve their devotional lives while surrounded by the beauty of Glen Eyrie.

“I have been enjoying having more mature people speaking into my life,” said Natasha Barrotti, a student from Brazil. “It has been great to be with people from other cultures. I can see how God is so powerful beyond just Brazil.”

Another student from Burkina Faso said that he is learning a lot that will help him be more effective in his campus ministry when he returns home. Being exposed to experienced Navigator leaders from many different regions, as well as the opportunity to have hands-on training in evangelism and discipleship, is improving his ability to serve among the lost in Burkina Faso.

GSP is an annual event that is organized by the International Office, the U.S. Collegiate Ministries, and Glen Eyrie Conference Center. The regional leadership teams in our Worldwide Partnership also play a crucial role in the program.

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