Worldwide. Diversified. Unified

Three words work well to summarize the International work of The Navigators. Worldwide. Diversified. Unified.

First, The Navigators has a remarkable history of international expansion, starting from a small group of World War II Naval officers and spreading to more than 110 different nations. We are indeed a worldwide partnership, in the true sense of the word. Each partnering nation grows interdependently, both receiving from and contributing to the others. 

Having been established in so many different countries, languages and cultures, it is essential for our movement to employ different approaches to ministry. We know this is a Biblical model. In 1 Corinthians 9, for example, Paul describes how he became "all things to all men" so that he might win some to Christ. He never abandoned the pure Gospel of Jesus, and he was constantly working to preserve sound doctrine. But he changed his ministry approaches depending on who he was working with. The New Testament reveals that the early church expanded into many different regions and cultures by employing multiple outreach styles.

The same is true for The Navigators. The international work alone is composed of roughly 5000 men and women representing many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. In order to reach a diverse world, our people work through different ministry forms—campus ministry, small businesses, serving among the poor, leader development, and within churches.

Thankfully, God has preserved a tremendous unity in our worldwide partnership. We have strong common bonds, a common vision, a shared calling, and firmly held Biblical values. Ultimately, we are glued together by the Holy Spirit and by a strong commitment to the Word of God. From that foundation, and as Navigators, we place a high value on personal relationships, the ability of every believer to invest in others who don't know Christ, life-on-life discipleship, and a commitment to building generational ministries.

We believe that both unity and diversity are the fruit of the Holy Spirit, an expression of what God desires for his people. In Revelation 7, we read the following portrayal of eternity with God: "There before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb." Can you see the unity and the diversity?

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