Ebola Forces Navigators to Leave Liberia

The pioneering Navigator work in Liberia has been hindered due to the tragic spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West African nations.

Over the past two years, Navigator missionary Viashima Agu and his wife have been working among Liberian university students. About one month ago, Liberian officials required them to return to their home country.

Although Viashima continues to connect with the young believers in his ministry by phone and email, he does not know when he and his wife will be able to return. The students continue to study the Scriptures and pray together.

Viashima reports that fear and poor health services are taking a heavy toll on the nation. Quarantined people often have no food. Businesses are closing, reducing employment even more. Hospitals are turning away sick people for lack of space.

Pray that the spread of Ebola would be contained quickly, and that Liberian believers would be filled with God’s power to bring glory to Him in the midst of this crisis.

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