July 2018

In This Issue
This compelling issue of Worldwide takes us around the world, showing how God is transforming lives among orphans, former terrorists, and Nigerians who have endured a wave of family deaths. You'll read about the power of forgiveness in the life of a young Eurasian woman. Our regional director for the Middle East shares how God has used a Navigator team to courageously serve refugees. And David Lyons shares his insights about life-to-life discipleship. 
To Know Him

“I wanted to find my mother and hurt her with words. I wanted to use words to make her pay for what she had done to me.”

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To Make Him Known

God was pressing him and convicting him of his sin, calling him to seek forgiveness for all he had done. He told us in tears that he had killed many people. And he looked me in the eye and asked, ‘Can Jesus forgive me?’”

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To Help Others Do the Same

“It’s a relationship, but it’s also that I’m interested in you, not just interested in us having Bible studies. It’s you. And in the context of life, let’s seek Christ together.”

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"Drawing Out" Our Calling, Values and Vision

“These are popular videos,” says International Vice President David Lyons. “They do a great job of explaining who we are as Navigators. Plus, they are really fun to watch!”

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One Hundredth Issue of Worldwide

Designed to involve you in prayer, inspire you to grow spiritually, and give you ideas for ministry in your context, Worldwide opens a window to God’s work in some of the most challenging places on earth.

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Worldwide Newsletter

This is the flagship newsletter of the international Navigators. Published every three months, this newsletter portrays what God is doing through our worldwide partnership. It tells the stories of God working through ordinary people in remarkable ways. Each issue contains three articles centered on three different themes:

  • To Know Christ: Covering topics related spiritual growth in Christ.
  • To Make Him Known: Focusing on evangelism and discipleship
  • To Help Others Do the Same: Portrays different types of leaders, including pioneers, alongsiders, and pastors.