October 2017

Special Edition: 2017 International Forum
This special edition of Worldwide reports on the 2017 International Forum held in Malaysia with 380 Navigator leaders from around the globe. 
To Know Him

This call to reach the nations is daunting. It is beyond our human capacity. So, as we think about reaching the nations, it requires us to expand our view of God.

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To Make Him Known

During the forum, we heard from many Navigators who are seeking to reach the "high-hanging fruit," people trapped in poverty, refugee conditions, drugs, human trafficking, and hopeless religions.

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To Help Others Do the Same

Navigators participated in prayer all over the world, sometimes via conference calls in the night. Then it happened. Every day at the forum we saw a flurry of answers to prayer.

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IET Presentations

How to access videos from the International Forum, and other helpful resources. 

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Worldwide Newsletter

This is the flagship newsletter of the international Navigators. Published every three months, this newsletter portrays what God is doing through our worldwide partnership. It tells the stories of God working through ordinary people in remarkable ways. Each issue contains three articles centered on three different themes:

  • To Know Christ: Covering topics related spiritual growth in Christ.
  • To Make Him Known: Focusing on evangelism and discipleship
  • To Help Others Do the Same: Portrays different types of leaders, including pioneers, alongsiders, and pastors.