July 2017

In This Issue
In the 95th issue of Worldwide newseltter, Eddie Broussard tells his personal story of facing mortality and finding greater peace in his walk with God. Next, Connie Ch'ng shares what she learned about advancing the Gospel through family networks: After 38 years of prayer, her mother accepted Christ at age 90. And David Lyons writes about how God is using a a honey business in Africa to expand His kingdom. 
To Know Him

I wondered how I might be able to cope with my concerns about having another heart attack. I felt vulnerable and insecure. . . . During my months of recovery, it became clear that God was using vulnerability and uncertainty to create in me an inner life of rest, peace and joy.

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To Make Him Known

Perhaps, in our world of too much information, active love is even more important than just nice words. Perhaps people need to see love and experience it. I believe my mom did.

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To Help Others Do the Same

The Gospel is shared more frequently now and is better understood by the rural people, in part because they see biblical truth expressed through the business and relationships. 

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International President Mutua Mahiaini announces that Mike Shamy will be stepping out of his role as a member of the International Executive Team of The Navigators in February 2018. 

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In September 2017, about 350 Navigator leaders from around the world will be gathering in Asia for our first international forum in five years. Please pray!

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Worldwide Newsletter

This is the flagship newsletter of the international Navigators. Published every three months, this newsletter portrays what God is doing through our worldwide partnership. It tells the stories of God working through ordinary people in remarkable ways. Each issue contains three articles centered on three different themes:

  • To Know Christ: Covering topics related spiritual growth in Christ.
  • To Make Him Known: Focusing on evangelism and discipleship
  • To Help Others Do the Same: Portrays different types of leaders, including pioneers, alongsiders, and pastors.