April 2014

In This Issue
In the April 2014 issue of Worldwide, Chris Treneer shares a personal story of how her family has grown in Christ through suffering and hardship. Next, Alan Ch'ng tells the story of how God is working through believers in Myanmar who were impacted by a powerful cyclone. Finally, Mike Shamy shares his thoughts on sustaining a generational Gospel movement by highlighting the example of God's work in Brazil. 
To Know Him Through Spiritual Disciplines

When we see suffering as a chance to walk with Jesus—to know the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering—then we can redeem the suffering and let it help us to grow in knowing, loving, and becoming like Jesus.

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To Make Him Known . . . Through Spiritual Generations

What started with one person leading a friend to Christ in a village of Myanmar has resulted in more than three generations of followers of Jesus. 

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To Help Others Do The Same . . . Through Four Kinds of Spiritual Leadership

A new generation of believers faces a dramatically different Brazilian culture. How, in twenty-first century Brazil, can the vision cast by the first generation be carried forward? The Scriptures give us guidance.

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Pray every day for the next three months for the Navigator work in Northwestern Mexico.

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