Africa Navigators Select New Country Leaders

Regional Director for Africa, Bulus Silas Bossan, has announced that three countries in the Africa region have selected new country leaders.

In Cameroon, Jean-Francois and Joelle-Katy Wounba will take over from Peters and Noella Taniform. They will hold this position for a five-year term.

In Kenya, Chris and Anne Amulo have been selected by the Kenyan Navigators to lead the work. They will assume the responsibility from Stanley and Patience Mukolwe, who have led the work for the last 10 years, Bulus said.

Finally, the Ugandan Navigators has selected Levi and Irene Ndimubanzi to take over the country leadership from Edward and Christine Mupada.

Please pray for these leaders as they continue God’s Navigator work in Africa.