April 2017

In This Issue
The April 2017 issue of Worldwide newsletter leads with an article by Jerry White, International President Emeritus of The Navigators, about how we can be peacemakers in divisive times. Then Alan Ch'ng shares an inspiring story about a Ghanaian couple who is launching a pioneering ministry in Sierra Leone. And David Lyons writes about the relational traits he observed among pioneering missionaries in a closed Middle Eastern country.
To Know Him

God is sovereign over the nations. Yet our emotions may still consume us. And these emotions can often cause division, or keep us from expressing the Gospel as we should. How do we walk with Christ and honor God in our times?

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To Make Him Known

Richard was moved by both the openness to the Gospel among the people and by the poverty and difficult living conditions in Sierra Leone. He could see that God was working in their hearts, but there was a shortage of help.

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To Help Others Do the Same

Navigators will gladly travel to the other side of the world to help one of their disciples or fellow workers. They don’t need a crowd to get them on a plane. They show up and come alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ when they are needed.

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Please join the international Navigators in praying for the upcoming International Forum in Asia.

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Author Jim Downing, age 103

In a new book published by NavPress, titled The Other Side of Infamy: My Journey Through Pearl Harbor and the World of War, Downing, 103, recounts in intimate detail the events of that fateful morning.

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New International Office Staff

The International Executive Team is joyful to announce that Bob Meredith has agreed to serve as International Office Financial Manager.

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