July 2015

In This Issue
The July 2015 issue of Worldwide starts with an article about how we can assess spiritual growth, writting by Eddie Broussard, the newest member of the International Executive Team. This article is followed by a story written by Alan Ch'ng about how God is using a "missional community" in Malyasia to impact relational networks. And Esther Waruiru, an associate to the IET, shares the beautiful work of God among young professionals in Kenya.
To Know Him

Without accurate reference points, we can’t assess our true spiritual condition.

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To Make Him Known

Chris Amulo (in photo, on right), a former veterinarian born in rural Kenya, has a vibrant vision to advance the Gospel into the cities of Africa.

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To Help Others Do The Same

A “missional community” is a Christ-centered group of friends which seeks to advance the kingdom of God through relational networks.

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Pray Daily for Three Months

Pray daily for the pioneering Navigator work in the Middle East and North Africa.

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