July 2016

In This Issue
The July 2016 issue of Worldwide starts with an essay by Mutua Mahiaini, International President of The Navigators, on the importance of creating a faith culture in our Worldwide Partnership and in our personal lives. David Lyons, International Vice-President, writes about how reaching out to neighbors can have a powerful impact for Christ. And a regional leader in the Middle East writes about the challenges of supporting pioneering missionaries in dangerous situations.
To Know Him

Faith spurs us to serve people in ways that might be quite different than what has been done in the past. Faith challenges us to be innovative, to take risks, to try new things.

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To Make Him Known

Meeting neighbors is one of the most important skills of insiders who seek to make Christ known in their neighborhoods, whether in Colorado Springs or in the Middle East.

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To Help Others Do the Same

Threatened by 30 men, the businessman stepped outside and explained his work to help refugees. He added that he also gave people the opportunity to learn more about the Bible. By God’s power, each of the men retreated.

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