Forum Resources for Learning and Growing

The Navigator leaders at the 2017 International Forum in Malaysia spent extensive time in the Scriptures. To share the wealth with you, we have posted video recordings (non-professional) of the International Executive Team’s teaching at the forum. You can find these videos on our international video library.
The videos include:
  • “Living with Focus, Alignment and Energy,” by Mutua Mahiaini
  • “The Gospel to the Nations,” by Mutua Mahiaini
  • Study 1: "Jesus' Ministry in the Gospels,” by Alan Ch’ng
  • Study 2: “Launching Movements of the Gospel,” by Eddie Broussard
  • Study 3: “Paul’s Pioneering Ministry,” by Mutua Mahiaini
  • Study 4: “The Planting and Growth of the Gospel in Ephesus,” by David Lyons
  • Study 5: “Paul’s Vision for the Fruit of His Ministry,” by Mike Shamy
  • "Freedom from Self, Faith to Dream," by Mutua Mahiaini

You will also find a video of a forum presentation by British Navigator Rosalyn Boydell titled "Hope for Europe."

While you are visiting the video library, check out some of the professional quality videos that display what God is doing through Navigators around the world.

Additional tools on the "Resources" page of this site include:
  • The pre-forum Bible study titled, "Scriptural Roots of Advancing the Gospel to the Nations"
  • PowerPoint slides used by IET presenters