Missions Prayer Focus: Latin America

By IET Communications

Raul Ortiz, the Navigator Regional Director for Latin America, describes Northwestern Mexico as a place in desperate need of the Gospel. Although it is predominantly Catholic (like the rest of Mexico), it is rapidly becoming secular. Divorce rates are rising. Drug-related crime is often in the news. The economy is, in some cities, stagnant. All this creates despair in the hearts of people. God’s transforming grace and love need to penetrate these circumstances to bring healing and renewal.
The Latin American Navigators have initiated a new effort to love, serve, and embrace people in this part of Mexico, specifically in four states: North and South Baja California, Sinoloa, and Sonora. The “launching pad” for this effort now resides in Culiacán, in the state of Sinoloa, where one Navigator couple has already developed a strong group of believers.
In 2014, Mexican Navigators will make survey trips into the region’s three additional states, looking for God’s leading in cities such as Tijuana (near the U.S. border), La Paz, and Hermosillo. Raul said that the team is asking God for additional laborers, including people from outside Mexico. They are asking that God would establish a thriving, spirit-filled group of believers in each of the region’s major cities.
Please pray every day over the next three months for Northwestern Mexico, that God would open doors, send more workers, provide financial resources, and give strength and courage to a new team of pioneers.