Missions Prayer Focus: The Philippines

By IET Communications

Nearly two months have passed since the Philippines was hit by typhoon Haiyan. Shortly after the storm, Navigators in the Philippines (none of them American) worked hard to seek out and help other Navigators who had been impacted. They also served many others who had lost property and loved ones.

According to Navigator staff in the country, more than 100 people within our ministries were found and helped. Sadly, we know that at least 12 people within Navigator relational networks have died as a result of the storm. One Navigator, who ministers at a university in Tacloban, lost her home. Many students in our university ministries struggled to find food and water during the first week after the storm.
The critical focus now is rebuilding and recovery. This will, of course, be a long-term process. We ask that you pray daily for Navigators in the Philippines. First, pray that Navigators would be the healing presence of Christ among those devastated by the storm. Second, pray that Navigators in the Philippines would be strengthened and sustained as they rebuild their own lives and serve others.