Glen Eyrie

Protecting Glen Eyrie

By IET Communications

Nine months after the tragic Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, Navigator staff, volunteers, and construction companies are working to protect the historic Glen Eyrie Conference Center from possible floods. The flood risk is extremely high. The fire’s intense heat caused the soil to glaze over, thereby inhibiting absorption. That could send torrents of rainwater plummeting through Queens Canyon to the Glen Eyrie castle. Jack McQueeney, executive director of Glen Eyrie Conference Center and Eagle Lake Camp, said with each rain the water-flows down the canyon have been 400-to-600 times greater than normal.

Extensive (and expensive) flood mitigation efforts have been underway since last fall. By April 15, an $800,000 armoring system (interlocking concrete blocks covered with dirt and sod) will be completed to further protect the castle’s foundation. Although the financial needs are challenging, Jack and his staff are approaching the situation in faith, according to Hebrews 11:6. God’s financial provision has been abundant so far, but additional support is needed. If you would like to contribute, call The Navigators at 866-568-7827, or go to and enter the fund number: 23821780.   

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