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Leader Presentations

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Focus, Alignment and Energy

Mutua Mahiaini shares from the Scriptures about Navigator unity and the focus of our mission.

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Gospel Movements

Eddie Broussard shares what we can learn from the Scriptures about how the Gospel spreads through relational movements. 

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The Gospel in Ephesus

David Lyons presents what we can learn from the Gospel's growth in first-century Ephesus. 

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Jesus' Ministry in the Gospels

Alan Ch'ng speaks about what we can learn from Jesus' ministry as revealed in the New Testament. 


Hope for Europe

British Navigator Rosalyn Boydell shares about Lydia in the New Testament, the Gospel's expansion in Europe, and the need for hope.

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Gospel to the Nations

International President Mutua Mahiaini shares biblical principles for taking the Gospel to the Nations. 

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Reaching the High-Hanging Fruit

Our Regional Director for Asia-Pacific compels us to bring God's love to hard-to-reach people and places. 

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Paul's Vision

Mike Shamy speaks on what the Scriptures reveal about Paul genuine and compassionate love for the people he worked with. 

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Paul's Pioneering Ministry

Mutua Mahiaini takes a closer look at what the Scriptures reveal about pioneering ministries through Paul's life.