A New Hub for International Partnering Opportunities

By Mutua Mahiaini

See new partnering opportunities from the Asia-Pacific region below.

At this moment in our history, we, as a Worldwide Partnership, have a remarkable opportunity. Our cross-cultural network of friendships can greatly increase our capacity to reach the nations—if we support one another more through international partnering.

God’s love for the nations compels us to actively serve one another in love, to collaborate as true partners. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul emphasized that we are members of the same body, given gifts to serve one another in partnership. We are called to demonstrate our unity in Christ (the head) using our diverse gifts and experiences to serve one another.

Just as the physical body functions best when all the diverse parts are working well together, we gain tremendous capacity to reach the nations when we serve one another and build each other up; that is, as we partner with each other in love.

How and Where to Serve

We often don’t know about partnering opportunities outside our immediate sphere of influence. Without that awareness, we miss out on ways to strengthen our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. To help overcome this obstacle, we have built a new partnering page on our international website, www.navigatorsworldwide.org.

Every month, starting now, we will post new partnering opportunities from around the world. Subscribers to this page will receive a monthly email with new opportunities for international partnering. Our staff will provide personal assistance to help you take the next steps toward making your contribution.

The partnering page of the site also displays permanent links to our annual “Missions Sending Priorities,” a list of our most strategic long-term missionary needs, and our annual prayer guide, which is designed to help us partner in prayer with one another.

I, along with the IET and the regional directors, believe that we will all be blessed by learning to partner more and better. We envision stronger relationships, increased financial and prayer support, and more people working to help us fulfill our Calling.

International Partnering Opportunities: Asia-Pacific

  1. Join in a concerted, long-term prayer effort for breakthroughs in countries where Buddhism is strong. If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner in the Asia-Pacific region, please write to: glenn.ilc.communications@gmail.com. You will receive more detailed information from Asia-Pacific Navigators about how to pray.

  2. Provide funding to help launch new pioneering missions efforts among unreached people in the Asia-Pacific region. Missions leaders urgently need $15,000 to fund survey trips to three strategic countries. The survey trips will enable pioneering missionaries to assess God's leading and develop specific ministry plans. If you are interested in giving to this important project, please write to glenn.ilc.communications@gmail.com.