A Leader Prepared by God for Our Times

By D.G. Elmore, Chairman of the U.S. Board of Directors

God gives us a promise in Psalm 32:8, which says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you."

As we entered the Selection Council meetings on February 9, we called on God to instruct us and advise us, and we relied on His Word to light our path. After two days of prayer, reflection on the Scriptures, and discussion among 42 leaders from around the world, we clearly understood that God had selected Mutua Mahiaini as the next International President of The Navigators. 

On February 12, the U.S. Board of Directors whole-heartedly ratified the decision of the Selection Council. During the Board’s deliberations, we considered the needs of the organization now and into the future, and the qualifications necessary to lead the Navigator Worldwide Partnership. 

Mutua’s life is rooted in Jesus and the Word of God. He leads from the Scriptures and in the Spirit. He has proven that he is not afraid to make hard choices, which is a necessary quality of any leader who thinks strategically and has a vision for the future.

Our work around the world needs an International President who is comfortable relating with people in diverse cultures. God has orchestrated life experiences for Mutua so that he is at home in rural villages and in corporate executive suites. 

In addition, we need an International President who is familiar with the large and diverse work of the U.S. Navigators. We need a person who has relational capital with the leaders in the U.S. Not only has Mutua worked closely with the U.S. leadership team, but he and Doug Nuenke (U.S. President) have a close friendship. This will prove to help both men as they serve the Lord and our Navigator Calling.

For more than 25 years, the Worldwide Partnership of The Navigators has been led by a team—the International Executive Team. During the selection process, God made it clear that we need a leader with great team building and team development skills. Mutua is a gifted team builder, who has been developing teams since he was in his 20s. Leaders from around the world who know Mutua best say that “he unleashes the potential of team members,” and that “he creates a structure so that people can thrive.”

As we look to the future and the fulfillment of our Navigator Vision, we will need a leader who has a heart for “the least of these,” a passion for the lost, and the determination to take the Gospel and His Kingdom to the hard places. Mutua is a leader prepared by God for a time such as this, a man whose eyes are fixed on Jesus.

D.G. Elmore, a businessman, has been a member of the U.S. Board of Directors for the past 16 years and has served as Chairman of the U.S. Board of Directors for the past four years. He and his wife, Gini, live in Indiana.