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The Navigator leaders at the 2017 International Forum in Malaysia spent extensive time in the Scriptures. To share the wealth with you, we have posted video recordings (non-professional) of the International Executive Team’s teaching at the forum. You can find these videos on our international video library.
The videos include:

“Living with Focus, Alignment and Energy,” by Mutua Mahiaini
“The Gospel to the Nations,” by Mutua Mahiaini
Study 1: "Jesus' Ministry in the Gospels,” by Alan Ch’ng
Study 2: “Launching Movements of the Gospel,” by Eddie Broussard
Study 3: “Paul’s Pioneering Ministry,” by Mutua Mahiaini
Study 4: “The Planting and Growth of the Gospel in Ephesus,” by David Lyons
Study 5: “Paul’s Vision for the Fruit of His Ministry,” by Mike Shamy
"Freedom from Self, Faith to Dream," by Mutua Mahiaini

You will also find a video of a forum presentation by British Navigator Rosalyn Boydell titled "Hope for Europe."

While you are visiting the video library, check out some of the professional quality videos that display what God is doing through Navigators around the world.

Equipping New National Directors

By IET Communications

In December, a small team of seasoned international Navigator leaders met with a new generation of national directors who are leading in our Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. The primary purpose of the week-long gathering was to equip, orient and encourage 11 new national directors and their spouses as they assume new levels of responsibility.

International Vice-President Mike Shamy said that God used the time to help these new leaders better understand the role of national director and to help each leader clarify personal contributions toward fulfilling that role. In addition, the gathering forged strong relationships between the national directors, which strengthens the Navigator Worldwide Partnership.

Please pray, in thankfulness to God, for these new Navigator leaders.   

Navigators Beyond The Navigators

By Eddie Broussard

Lausanne Young Leaders Gathering

Lausanne Young Leaders Gathering

Recently in Indonesia, I met a missionary from Burundi who recounted to me in tears the horrific experience of barely surviving a brutal attack that left thousands dead, including his pastor, who died at his feet.

Knowing I was a Navigator, my new friend mentioned that he had gained solid footing in his early walk with Christ because of Leroy Eims, a Navigator who taught the Scriptures on a daily radio broadcast that could be heard in Burundi. He told me that Leroy’s radio messages had equipped and inspired him to lead a Gospel movement among youth in Malawi.

Later, another young woman told me with a proud sparkle in her eye that her mother had been discipled by Navigators in the Philippines. As evidence of God’s generational faithfulness, this young woman now serves with an international missions organization.

I heard many stories like these at the Lausanne Movement’s Young Leaders Gathering in August in Indonesia. (Some participants shown in photo.) Being with about 1200 young leaders and experienced mentors from 160 nations gave me a rich opportunity to see how God is carrying His name onward through spiritual generations.

In just one day at the conference, I met a gentleman who maintains a connection with 500 major networks that cover every part of the world, a young Pakistani leader who teaches school outside of Islamabad, and a Jamaican leader who is engaged with the African diaspora. God is working powerfully through men and women from all nations!

The Navigator presence and participation in events like the Young Leaders Gathering is vital for our Worldwide Partnership. The magnitude of international interaction that Lausanne makes possible is one of the best opportunities in the world for Navigators to both influence the global Body of Christ and to be sharpened by some of the best thinkers and practitioners from just about every imaginable context of ministry.

Navigator leaders are influencing the Lausanne Movement (www.lausanne.org), literally from top to bottom. Jerry White, International President Emeritus of The Navigators, continues to bring substantial influence though his service on the Lausanne Board of Directors. Jerry also served as a mentor to young leaders. Jim Chew, a veteran international Navigator has been mentoring Michael Oh, Lausanne Executive Director/CEO, for the past decade. Our current International President, Mutua Mahiaini, spoke during a plenary session about the support structures leaders need for success. And Ole-Magnus Olafsrud, former country leader for the Navigator work in Norway, plays a primary role in Lausanne’s leadership mentoring efforts. Thirty-three Navigators from about 20 nations were present at the Young Leaders Gathering as mentors and mentees.

Among the most encouraging aspects of this conference, for me, was to see how God is raising a new generation of gifted leaders. Despite all the problems in the world, He is fulfilling His promises, as expressed in Revelation 5:9-10.

You purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.   

Eddie Broussard joined the International Executive Team in May 2015. He became Navigator staff in 1980. In 1992, he joined the CoMission movement, working in the post-Soviet countries. From 1998 to 2014, he served on the U.S. National Leadership Team. Eddie and his wife, Barbie, were married in 1996.

New Leaders for Europe and NavMissions

By IET Communications

The Nav Europe Board of Directors has appointed Bill Sparks as the new Regional Director for Europe. Bill served as director of United States NavMissions since 2009. Bill’s involvement with The Navigators began in college, in Florida. He worked for IBM in the U.S. and Japan before he and his wife, Cathy, joined Navigator staff. He served with The Navigators in Taiwan, and then as Director of Staff Care, focusing primarily on helping Navigator staff in Europe. This and other involvement in Europe enabled Bill to develop strong relationships within the European Navigator work.

As of July 1, 2016, the new director of NavMissions is Don N (full name not provided for security reasons). Don became involved with The Navigators while a student at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he graduated in 1971. He and his wife, Lois, worked in campus ministries until 1981. Between 1982 and 1997, Don and Lois worked with Navigator efforts in five Eastern European countries. He has been working as a strategic leader in NavMissions since that time. NavMissions is engaged in recruiting, developing, preparing and sending American missionaries to serve in the Navigator Worldwide Partnership.

Please pray for Bill and Cathy, and Don and Lois as they begin new phases of life and work.