Esther Waruiru: Moving into New Ministry

By Mike Treneer

Esther Waruiru

Esther Waruiru

International Vice President Esther Waruiru stepped off the International Executive Team (IET) at the end of December 2014. She has served on the IET since 2005. Her transition has been prayerfully planned for some time. Esther will continue to serve our Worldwide Partnership as an IET Associate, focusing primarily on coaching leaders and teaching the Scriptures in different parts of the world.

Esther has made a hugely important contribution as part of the IET. Her depth in the Scriptures, her infectious love for God, her passionate commitment to our Navigator Calling, Vision and Values, and her natural strategic sense of how our Calling should guide decisions, combine to make her a valued counselor and coach for many Navigator leaders. Her perspective as a woman and African, with many years of grass roots Navigator ministry and leadership experience, as well as theological training, have uniquely qualified her to contribute to the leadership of our Worldwide Partnership. 

Among her many leadership roles over the last 10 years, Esther has led and integrated peer learning communities of Navigator leaders from the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Canada. She helped form the North America Region, which included the formal opening of the Navigator ministry in the Caribbean. And she served the Africa Regional Team as they wrestled to see the greater advance of the Gospel in that region.

Please pray for the Lord to guide Esther and give her wisdom and strength for her next phase of ministry.