Navigators Reaching the Workplace

By Esther Waruiru

Pete Kuehni

Pete Kuehni

Bob, a small business owner in Canada, was inwardly stressed, abrasive with his employees, and angry at home. His company needed help, so he hired Canadian business consultant Pete Kuehni, who had been discipled in college by Navigators in Canada. Pete (pictured here) soon saw that Bob had some spiritual struggles that were affecting his company. But he didn’t immediately have permission from Bob to delve into those issues. Pete prayed and waited for God to lead.
Over the next months, Pete built his relationship with Bob in personal ways while working on the relational aspects of Bob’s management style. Eventually, Pete suggested that Bob undergo a formal evaluation of his qualities and failures as the company leader. This would include feedback from his employees. Bob courageously agreed.
The feedback Bob received was a rebuke. As they reviewed the results together, Pete could see tears welling up in Bob’s eyes. He was devastated. Everything in his life seemed wrong. Then Bob asked, “Pete, is there any hope for me?”

Pete took this as permission to go deeper with Bob. He knew that Bob had some Christian influence in his past, but his nominal belief in God had not changed his heart and attitudes.
“Is there any hope for you?” Pete said. “Absolutely! Not because of me, but Jesus is right here with us. He is calling you. And if you are willing to answer His call, let’s go!”
Bob agreed to embark on a journey of spirit-filled discipleship with Pete. Together they dove deeply into the Scriptures, which helped Bob align his life, work, and identity with the truth. Pete also encouraged Bob to apply the Scriptures to his role as a business leader.
Today, says Pete, Bob’s life is completely different. He’s treating his employees well, the morale in the workplace is more positive, and his home life is more peaceful. Everyone has seen dramatic changes in Bob.
Pete and his business partner, Chip Robinson, have seen this type of change happen among many business clients over the years. They have found that business is a natural environment for outreach and discipleship. For one, the workplace provides an organic way to connect with people. For another, the workplace is rife with spiritual and relational issues that provide opportunities for discussions leading to Christ: ego, conflicts, fear, leadership, money, and corruption. The Scriptures speak troves about all these topics, but rarely do believers know how to winsomely inject what the Bible says into the workplace.
Pete enjoys helping people move from surface issues to the deeper struggles of the heart. He looks for how God might be working in them. When he sees indications of spiritual hunger, he gently asks more questions. He shares his own struggles in life. Then the Gospel can move naturally across a bridge of genuine relational trust. 
Pete and Chip would never have this type of access to business people if they didn’t both have professional competence and credibility. As a team they complement one another by contributing their unique qualities and talents. Pete’s focus is on leadership development and workplace relationships. Chip’s role is to help business owners with organizational processes. They are top-level consultants who work hard together to improve the companies they serve.
About two years ago, he and Chip started their own consulting company, called “DeliberateU.” He and Chip seek to love God in everything they do, to help businesses thrive, and to join Jesus in reaching the lost. These values, he said, were established during his early years with The Navigators. 
Pete believes that as God’s people engage in the work He is doing, the lines of purpose in their lives never grow slack, tied tightly as they are to their future in heaven, kept taut by hope (Colossians 1:5, MSG).
“I am moved and privileged to be able to come alongside and encourage and invite [business professionals] into all that God would have for them as His person in that workplace.”
Please pray for Pete, Chip, and the many other working professionals among The Navigators who serve God’s kingdom everyday through their professions. They represent our Navigator vision, which states that “Ordinary people, in many walks of life, are joyfully leading integrated lives. They live as fruitful insiders among the lost.”

Esther Waruiru served with The Navigators of Kenya and the Africa Regional Team before coming to the U.S. Esther is an International Vice President serving field ministries in the U.S., Canada, and Africa.